Thursday, January 15, 2009

I LOVE DUCK - Fluffy quacky fingerlicking bloody duck.

Now I love bacon and the pig as much as anyone, but I am far from being a super fanatic about it like many chefs that I know. Truth be told, the duck is my beast of choice. I will gladly eat duck and duck fat with almost anything. Taters: better with duck. Veggies: better with duck. Sandwiches: better with duck. Cereal: better with duck. Hell yeah. Oddly enough, I made this little blog logo from a simple pig diagram and filled out the rest with a little graphical prowess (actually quite pathetic prowess, I suck at Photoshop - it says it all when you use an editor called a Gimp). The other logo picture that I had debated about using, was this picture of a duck that I added some text to and edited. I found it on or something, but it was perfect. Much like a nice duck dish, not much needs to be done to make it awesome, it is awesome all on its own. See for yourself. Don't tell me that that doesn't get your morning going?

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