Monday, January 26, 2009

Mission Street Food, Foo

I know this is the third post of the day and I'm at work, but actually I found and uploaded this stuff last night, just been trying to keep track of it all. Here is a Mission Street Food update from the Inauguration Night last Thursday. As I mentioned before, the event was loads of fun and the line was backed up 50 people deep most of the night. Here are some shots of random things during the night and some visiting friends as well.

It also happens my camera does not like taking decent photos of anything but food, so sorry if anyone's picture looks like ass. I probably normally would not post these, but, eh, a photo journal is a photo journal. I'll try to add self deprecating commentary on how bad those pictures are. Sorry if I have shots of the back of people's heads and asses, I didn't really bother with poses. Posing is boring, shaky blurry pictures rock... um, yeah.

Early FOH meeting. It's blurry because it's stylish. Everyone was actually going into Riverdance in circle formation to start the night. It's tradition. See what you miss behind the scenes?

Some friends visited at the end of the night. These two guys were just having an intense conversation with all our female porn star friends.
Sorry, I lost those photos.

End of night, restored order in Lung Shan restaurant.
Classy joint that it is. White linens bitches.

A health end of night midnight family meal full of wieners, bacon-y rice, suggestively looking pie and bourbon laced corn bread.
Jameson is NOT on the menu.

"Hi, I'm Emma, who cooked and most importantly toggled the switch on the electric panel."
Sorry Emma, the picture sucks, but at least I remembered your name.

Rockets Red Glare, oh sweet sweet lardo.

Jason Bigg's Favorite Food Porn.

"Dude, you need to stop the flash on the camera,
I might drop and break these plastic glasses."

"Hmm, look at that tasty water."
It will still be there when Leif (blue shirt) cooks this week.
You can also spot and see Anthony smiling in the back...
that's because he just saved a bunch of money from Geico.

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