Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saturday Morning Quickie

I just got back from the farmer's market, more specifically the SF Ferry building farmer's market, which I make it an emphasis to try to attend every Saturday morning. It's a good glimpse of what farmer's are doing and what the current season has readily available. I've gone to many markets in many cities and have found exceptional things, but what makes the Ferry building market great is that it often offers the best of the best. There is enough competition and demand for a product that it becomes very easy for someone to buy from one farm this week and go with a different farm the next week, therefore ensuring the farm will bring the best product and ensuring that I can pick the best product. Of course, building relationships with your friendly farm vendors is key, but the main point of going there is to ensure you are getting the best of the best that week. Or at least that is how I understand it. In terms of basic quality, would you rather have a tasted tested and hand picked apple or would you rather have one come from a box at your doorstep? Or better yet, would you rather have a waxed one, coated with ethylene. Not making a moral stand here, but there's a point of reference for anything.

I just looked through Ryan's Best By Farr blog and he's got a awesome post of making hot dogs. Check it out here. I'm boofing his beans and wieners pic to show you what I'm referring, too. Hmm.. phallic.

Ryan told me his wife was looking forward to seeing this Hot Food Porn come to life. So I only thought it be appropriate to put something of this nature out there from Ryan. Sausage party galore.

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