Sunday, February 1, 2009

1/31/09 Saturday Market Report

Market was kind of quiet today. There were a lot of people looking and snooping around, but there really weren't that many people buying. It was an absolutely beautiful day. I didn't end up buying too much, some mizuna arugula, rapini flowers, moro blood oranges (I prefer Sanguinello), Star Thistle honey and some broccoli florets. To be perfectly honest, most of the citrus I've had is unbelievable disappointing. The mandarin's are juicy, but lack any citric depth. The cara cara oranges aren't close to being sweet yet. The pomelo and grapefruit were probably a better buy than the oranges. I did however do some sweet maneuvering and happened to trade for a bunch tasty of mozzarella balls. It was t0tally behind the scenes wheeling and dealing going on. Nothing really new to buy or report - kind of disappointing. Pictures look good though.

Onto the food porn:

You know it's quiet when there's no line at the ATM...

Plenty, but not really that tasty

A honey "comb" of a different sort, it seems

Loads of head (totally inappropriate)

Sacks of nuts (totally inappropriate, part deux)

Apple a day, except for diabetics.

Stack of Celeriac (appropriate, I <3 rhymes)

"Wow, these branches are really nice, I'm going to buy a bunch."
"Yeah, totally, that bunch looks like it just got cut from my tree outside."

Kiwi - a fuzzy, sweet and sour ambiguous fruit.

The farmer said it took a while to grow the chard needed to match the tablecloth.

A vegetable with Madonna's 80's bra fever. Pointy.

Tentacle food porn.

Sweet liquid power. Drip drip.

Edible flowers

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