Thursday, February 5, 2009

Another One Bites The Dust

As I mentioned before on the blog, I was just in NY for New Year's and I had a chance to dine at many places. One of the more reasonable and elegant meals I had on my East coast swing was at Fleur De Sel. I had a few friends recommend going there and had planned to do so for a long time. The meal, a weekend lunch was very good and it was a pretty classic 3 course lunch for a very reasonable price. The dining room was calm, subtle and very warm. My only complaint was that the waiter did not properly convey to the kitchen that I did not want truffle oil on my soup, but the soup was well made (better without truffle oil of course).
Sadly, I read from multiple NY blog sources that Fleur De Sel will be gone soon and the chef Cyril Renaud is continuing with his casual Breton Bar operation. I salute you, Fleur De Sel and thank you for a good NY memory.
Once again, the financial bug hits and another fantastic restaurant bites the dust. When is the dust going to settle?

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