Friday, February 6, 2009


I was on Serious Eats the other day (well, I'm actually on everyday) and I spotted a link to the above picture. Being a fan of both cupcakes and Wall-E, I immediately felt compelled to email the creators of this wonderful food porn, A Baked Creation (you guys rock) and request for permission to post said fantastic photo. I almost considered asking them if they had any intentions of putting the cupcake in a hyperbolic chamber of sorts. Preservation of art. I'm really quite smitten with the many poses of Eve here. She's looking pretty hot.
I'd be too afraid of eating Eve, who is made of fondant, but I have eaten a lot of cupcakes the last couple of years. Recently, there seems to be two developing schools of thought here, there are those that think cupcakes are the shiznit and there are those that don't understand why they have made a blazing revival the last two years. Actually, I feel like Lazy Sunday on SNL was the catalyst... "love those cupcakes, like McAdams loves Gosling" - yeah, they broke up guys. I, however, am an equal opportunity lover and hater. Let me explain.
On my many walking tours through NY (less so in SF), I've been to many a patisserie and experienced an overwhelming amount of underwhelming cupcakes. Considering that cupcakes are quite a simple creation, every one and their mom thought they could make and sell them - which is, of course an asinine assumption at best. I am a cupcake fan, but I'm not a fan of an over-saturated cupcake market. It will destroy the cupcake, heed my words.

My fellow Americans, we are on the verge of a cupcake crisis.
There has not been enough regulation in the world of mediocre cupcakes. Look, it may sound silly to be asking for this now, but I guarantee you that 5 years from now when demand hits a new low, we'll all be seeking oversight into the cupcake industry. I feel like cupcake fever has already peaked in NY and the fallout is coming - Crumbs (many locations), Magnolia, Babycakes, Batch, Sweet Revenge, Burgers & Cupcakes, Cupcake Cafe, Tribeca Treats, Sugar Sweet Bakeshop, Little Cupcake, etc.. A few of these places are quite good, but how are all these places staying around by featuring cupcakes?

And, what the hell happened to PIE?

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  1. Cupcakes are very trendy, and like all trends, they will fade. Hopefully, the really good cupcakes will stick around after the fallout. In Seattle, Trophy Cupcakes outshines Cupcake Royale.