Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Mistress Day!

Today is National Mistress Day and being a fan of all things sordid and somehow food related, I thought it would be fun to blog about it. This is a fantastic description of the day from the NY Daily News. Also in the news today, Gothamist wrote a little blog about how restaurants normally get protocol instructions from their favorite February 13th AND 14th clients. I would have thought people would plan more elaborately when it came to going one place for their doorma... I mean, mistress and another for their wife, but apparently no. Ah, nothing solves discretion like a good old, "you didn't see me yesterday" on the comments for

Visavis, I am a believer in food and pornographic activity - be they together or sometimes separate - I will try to "playfully" recommend some perfect places for mistresses tonight. All places seem to still have ressies left on opentable right now (Friday lunchtime break blog).
Here are some sample places and ideas in San Francisco:

Acme Chophouse - nothing says unromantic activity than a big open space steakhouse near a stadium, it's like friggin diversion 101. Duh.

Cafe Majestic @ Hotel Majestic - it's big, it's got high ceilings and if you look far up enough... oh hey, there's Hotel Majestic. Happy thought indeedy.

Conduit - one of the weirdest, but intriguingly most open/private bathroom areas for restaurants in SF. It's like a unisex lounge when you need... (pun totally intended).

Elite Cafe - the booths are tall so they are ridiculously private. Your wife could be in the same restaurant and you'd never know.

Fish & Farm - they are attached to a hotel, small enough to avoid people you may know, and I love the rocking $5 California wine corkage so you can get in the mood with some off your good stuff. Check, check and check.

Opaque Dining in the Dark - are there any explanations required for this one? It's National Mistress Day every day at Opaque.

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