Friday, February 27, 2009

Head To Tail: One Duck - Six Dishes

It's been about 3 weeks or so since I posted my duck breakdown pics as can be seen on facebook as well. (Join the HOT FOOD PORN facebook group!) Since then, I decided to take my duck and be a champion of the head to tail challenge in order to use/savor every little piece of the beautiful animal. The final dish was finished last night: a duo of duck prosciutto. I thought it would be nice to offer a little bit of a photo dedication to my fabulous duck friend (it's kind of creepy, but he looks like he's smiling in the picture in the middle).

The dishes and what/how duck parts were utilized:

Duck Prosciutto Duo: Vadouvan Pine Pollen & Classic Sea Salt Prosciutto
Duck parts used: duck breast

Spam Terrine: Applewood Bacon, Braised Duck, Roasted Chicken
Duck parts used: braised meat/tendon/skin from head, neck, back, liver, heart, wing

Duck Confit Taro Dumpling
Duck parts used: duck legs

Duck and Onion Sprout Rice
Duck parts used: rendered duck fat, tail, duck loins

Duck and Green Onion Consomme
Duck parts used: duck neck, head, torso, offal

Crispy Duck Cracklin Salad
Duck parts used: Duck back skin

Some more pics of the journey:

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