Friday, February 20, 2009

An Open Letter to - Posted 3:50 pm


I am a big fan of your blog since I stumbled upon it. I am sending and posting this open letter on my site as well. I also boofed your title logo as my blog entry pic, let me know if that's a problem.

My site name is Hot Food Porn @ and I have actively tried to present pictures of food that I feel could possibly be featured on your fantastic fatty food porn photojournalism blog. It is a real goal of mine. I will say my first submitted entry (duck in duck fat) was rather plain (maybe even undeserving) and my second entry was not even my own creation (chili cheese fries burrito from Wienerschnitzel, my own pic), but I'm miffed as to why my spam terrine did not make the cut. I mean it's not everyday that a chef lays out 1 lb of thick bacon, 1 lb of spam, 1.5 lbs of braised duck and roast chicken into a brick terrine and gets turned down on the basis of not being fatty or gross enough. Was my terrine too pretty...I could see that as a fatal flaw. Too pretty, no fried junk and or no mystery saucy gravy goo? Is that the problem?

I would love some criteria so I can make a more disgusting plate for the viewing pleasure (or displeasure, depending on how gross it is) of the fantastic readers of your blog. I guess at this point, I can only continue to strive to make something that is known to be gross (to probably everyone, but the morbidly obese), but also legendary.

Thank you for your time.
Hot Food Porn

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