Monday, February 9, 2009

Saturday Market Report - 2/7/09

I'm officially bored with citrus. I can't deal with it anymore, but I will try my best to find more things to do with it. I'm doing some meyer lemon (from Hamada) preserving this week with my immersion circulator. I'll probably slice it up and cook it low and slow for a good 30 hours until the sugar and lemon are nice. Pics hopefully to come later. I also bought some funny green cauliflower from Iacopi farms - which I sometimes like to roast char or fry. Not sure which yet, but I got some buttermilk, so I could always batter them up or maybe even do a crazy green mash of some sort. Trippy stuff.
Not much new to report from market other than the fact that I am still underwhelmed by the citrus this year, though some of the navels and mandarins seemed to taste pretty good. More behind the scenes wheeling and dealing, I traded a sample of my vadouvan and got some sample chicharones. Starting to see multiple farms with mizuna arugula and started to see more greens. Pears are still hanging around and root veg is everywhere.

Onto the pics:

Cauliflower, in Alien green

Citrus, with and without natural male enhancement

Purple blended in for equality

Yogurt + Tofu = Tofugurt - may or may not taste disgusting together.

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