Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wednesday Night Test Kitchen 2/11/09

Another Wednesday night past, another test kitchen session through. This week, I was pretty ambitious with my test kitchen and I did many different items. I was mainly trying to setup items and continue to work on my duck items. It's kind of exciting with the duck because I realized that by the end of next week (waiting on duck prosciutto), I will have made a total of 6 different dishes with my 1 duck. I'm going to set that as a feature on this blog once I finish.
So last night, I did the following:

-Shrimp Crab chips (not really a experiment item, but more of a Chinese New Year's tradition)
-Black Cherry & Duck Confit Crispy Taro Dumpling with garlic aioli
-Green Onion and Duck Consomme
-Silken Dessert Tofu (aka Tofu Fa) with Star Thistle Ginger Honey
-Kumquat and Meyer Lemon Fried Green Cauliflower

I don't have pictures of the tofu really because I was testing out the ratio of gel chemical and soymilk to get a nice silken finish, but something wasn't right and it was all messed up. Either the gelling agent was bad or the soymilk was shit. It's back to the drawing board on that one and I still didn't quite figure out the ratio. ARRRGGH.
The taro dumpling is not the basic dim sum one, I incorporated more fat and wheat starch to make it a little gummier and crustier. I liked what came out though I may do another batch with the classic taro shell instead, but I'm not sure what I like more yet. As a dumpling, this was a more acceptable texture and held up longer, but definitely not as ostentatious and creamy as the classic.
Oh yeah, kumquat meyer lemon buttermilk fried cauliflower = f-ing awesome. Frying more up tonight! Forgot to take a pic because I ate it so fast. I'll take some tonight, don't blame me, I was hungry so that was my dinner.
I'm submitting my duck in duck fat photo to I love that site.

Anyways, onto some Food Porn:

Duck in Duck Fat, Happy Thought Indeed!

Roasting dem bones.

Grunion & Ginger For Consomme

Confit Baby Bubbles

Cutting Florets from the Back

Swimming in Buttermilk, Kumquat and Meyer Lemon

Duck Bones into the Bowl

This is How Good Duck Confit Looks Like

Still Slightly Pink From Short Curing

Crispy Confit Taro Dumpling - Gooey Black Cherry

Two Balls Are Better Than One

A Lil Eggy Garlic Aioli

A Spread of Crabby Tastiness

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  1. eddie! the food looks awesome.. was it tasty?
    i love that you have a food blog, i will definitely check in more often :)