Friday, March 6, 2009

Bloodhound Yelp Elite Event - 3/3/09

They're all smiling because they saved a bunch of money on Geico and oh yeah, free pork.

So, yours truly has been doing some fun events the last few months and making cakes and pastries of all things. On Tuesday, I assisted my former chef and current 4505 Meat's founder Ryan Farr at a butcher and grilling event for Yelp Elite at the new bar Bloodhound. We also had Taylor and Bailey from Fatted Calf on hand, who were rocking the charcoal grill and meat slicer stations. It was a pretty fun event overall, but the booze was gone by night's end and I wasn't really going to cut meat for most of the night partially buzzed. My hand almost got taken off a few times from rabid meat eating mother-Yelpers, but it happens. Even pigs can't resist pork(see previous post). Those who stayed just a bit longer after cleanup got a chance to snag some of the loin roasted to perfection. Git'er dun.

For some heads up on the info for more meat goodies:

Ryan Farr's new venture 4505 Meats can be found at
His badass Chicharrones can be found at CoffeeBar and Elixir in SF currently and has been featured on SF Magazine here.

And Taylor's operation can be normally found at the Ferry Building Farmer's Market on Saturday as well as other locations. Check out for more info.

Bloodhound is located at: 1145 Folsom St (off 7th) SF, CA.

Onto the pics:

Bloodhound crew chilling and getting ready for the party.

Mrs. Piggy didn't wear lipstick on her last night.

Golden light crispy Chicharrones aka Pigskin Crack.

Bags of stuff to pork you up.

Cut that meat!

Ryan is sizing things up.

Early crowd starts to gather

Break it down

Tonight's grill master, Taylor of Fatted Calf

Sweet chandelier

THE Rib Roast

More goodies cooking up

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  1. Love the photo of Mrs. Piggy. And I agree the belly is super duper tasty!:)