Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Economic Crisis - Bacon Is Recession-Proof!

Who Doesn't?

For some reason, I thought it would be kind of cool to figure out how restaurant prices have dropped based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics charting and statistical analysis, but sadly I still haven't been able to properly extrapolate that data. Instead I found this neat little page from that shows you how to pull data for specific items on a single page search. So I pulled up the Single Page Average Price Data chart and rummaged around at the options. I got a little discouraged because much of the data had not been charted for a while, e.g. T-Bones steaks, Cucumbers, Bourbon. But then I found Bacon and saw the charting for it for different regions in the US as well as a city average. I thought it'd be fun to share some of the graphs with everyone. I don't know how demand has gone, but we certainly pay a premium for our pig. If there is anything that is recession proof, it's friggin' finger-lickin' bacon.

West Bacon Price 1999-2009

East Bacon Price 1999-2009

US Bacon Price 1999-2009

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