Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Fetish Food Tuesdays - Geoduck

I was thinking about doing a weird stuff blog that most people don't encounter or eat on a day to day basis, so I may now devote Tuesdays to blogging about something weird/phallic/kinky and food related.

Today happens to be geoduck day, which sounds like "gooey duck." With a blog named Hot Food Porn and with a blogger loving all things "duck" related, naturally, the geoduck is a perfect start to Fetish Food Tuesdays.

Look, let's not beat around it and just call a spade a spade. The geoduck looks like a massive dick and tastes like a soft subtly briny sweet clam. For anyone that's had surf clam, geoduck sashimi is more sweeter, more delicate, crisp and flavorful.

I'd like to thank Leonard for sharing the following awesome video on Facebook and apologize for boofing it and putting it on my blog. I simply cannot deny my giant audience of maybe 3 people. One of which I think is from New Zealand according to Google Analytics. Hot Food Porn is totally international.

This is a video of Hung from Top Chef cleaning and preparing a couple of wonderful geoduck dishes. Not much is better than geoduck raw.

Onto the food porn:

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  1. it looks like an .... pennis :D :D :D so funny, laughed a lot with all my friends :D