Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday Twitter, Part 2 of 2

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linecook@dcpatterson it's never optional...that's why these temps make me nervous. The cooks bring their food to the pass with doubt in their hearts from twitterrific in reply to dcpatterson

Well, better than spit and hair, I guess.

linecook@dcpatterson ps: emberrassed to admit that I had to google pejorative. from twitterrific in reply to dcpatterson

Really, I google pejoratively too. That's what she said. :'(

oliviamunni love country music. from web

I love you.

JimmyTrainaEvery year I get faked out. I get excited thinking the tourney is coming on at Noon and I get the local CBS News. Every. Fuckin. Year! from web

Dammit Jimmy, its not like you write for sports media or anything, wait, you do.

rainnwilsonReal or imagined... Like when pooping you get all wistfully contemplative about ones life. Is that a brain nerve proximity reaction? from web

Rainn Wilson has not ever pooped after eating at Spices II, there's no energy to contemplate life during those poops. Grab a piece of wood, bite down hard and give it hell.

thefeednycThe Chopping Block: A weasel in our midst from twitterfeed

Yes, I found the weasel stuck on Marco's hair.

AmandaGoldJanitor is interested in my eating habits based on desk and garbage can contents. Says it's a wonder I'm not obese. Backhanded compliment? from web

That's pretty creepy. Next thing you know, he's got a moldy shrine of you in his closet.

jbonne@AmandaGold could always return the compliment by remarking on his cologne. from web in reply to AmandaGold

Touche. Well played sir.

offalchrisThere here do you know what they are. from TwitterFon

Chicharrones@offalchris Deez nuts! from twitterrific in reply to offalchris

offalchrisThey are lamb fries from TwitterFon

Oh joy, can't wait to get those in my mouth at Head to Tail next week.

LATimesfoodOh, no! The Kogi Korean BBQ taco truck gets cited in Beverly Hills: Talk about down and out in Beverly Hills: A .. from twitterfeed

Oh no, panic in Beverly Hills. This is worse than the time Britney went out sober.

AmandaGold do fries count as dinner? from web

hotfoodporn@AmandaGold only when there are loads of foie gravy and cheese curds on top, a la Au Pied De Cochon ... from web in reply to AmandaGold


davidlebovitzit probably wasn't such a good idea to use my favorite pen to clean my espresso machine from web


Chicharrones@hotfoodporn here is a picture of Martin Picard reading his own book, French Canadians rock! from twitterrific in reply to hotfoodporn

Self explanatory.

bayareabitesPinch and twist the corners, making certain that you are making flowers and not swastikas. This is important. from web

hotfoodporn@bayareabites don't you hate it when one sec, you make crab rangoons and all of a sudden you're hosting a German propogandist neo Nazi party from web in reply to bayareabites

Bay Area Bites is silently a coverup for a new movement I tell ya.

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  1. I think crab rangoon are deep-fried dumplings served in American Chinese, and more recently, Thai restaurants, stuffed with a combination of cream cheese, lightly flaked crab meat (more commonly, canned crab meat or imitation crab meat), with scallions or garlic.