Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday Twitter Week In Review - Part 1 of 2

So I'm not fully immersed in tweeting on twitter, which sounds almost as dirty as googling. Though "tweeting" someone sounds more like something minor and accidental that may be completely wrong, "googling" is just straight up a brazen type of online molestation probably. I dunno anymore.

Anyways, I thought I would post some of the funnier, intriguing and random things that have come on my twitter page throughout the week for everyone to enjoy. You get an idea of those I like to hear from by just seeing who I follow. It's all pretty fun to get this smorgasbord of randomness. Here is a twitter summary:


woot ALERT UPDATE: Our employee's missing daughter was found on Saturday! (Thanks for all the retweets, everyone.) from web.

Twitter: now officially saving the world, one lost kid at a time.

dcpattersonfrom pr flak: sf is "epicenter of culinary innovation". the line between hyperbole and outright lying has officially been obliterated. from web

Nice to know Daniel Patterson likes to make his opinion and point about cuisine in SF bluntly.

chezpimLearn how to run a successful food blog from someone who's never had one. Only for $795 at the ICC from TweetDeck

Dammit, now I know where I should have spent that $800 on instead of strippers and booze. I do have a loyal following of about 4 people now, so in my eyes, that's Obama-riffic success there.

alexstupaktexture defines a dish just as much as flavor from web

I respectfully disagree, bacon is good in all forms and textures.

JimmyTrainaI'm watching Rays-Pirates on MLB Network. That's how desperate I am for baseball to start. from web

That's not quite depressingly pathetic, that's just pathetic.

offalchrisOffalgood just got attacked by a virus sent by "go vegan" and "disease food" they sent over 200 emails at the same time. from TwitterFon

Damn you PETA, damn you. I'm tired of their intellectual philosophical terrorism.

futhman@Cberndtson death and Texas are inevitable. from Tweetie in reply to Cberndtson

True, but which ones comes first? You tell me.

linecook 353 covers. Monday is the new Thursday. from twitterrific

Man, that's like a butt plug administered 7 nights a week. I know how it feels. Not the butt plug.


rainnwilsonHaving 200k followers is such a serious and overwhelming responsibility. Boobs. Penis. Poo-balls! from Tweetie

rainnwilsonBecause, as many a wise leader has stated, with great power comes great nipple-pee. Scrotum head. Uterine puppet show!! ;alidjsfl;kjsdnv@# from web

A comedic mastermind at work everyone. Observe and learn.

AmandaGoldPicked up Irish soda bread, corned beef and cabbage for lunch. #When in Rome from web

Happy St. Patty's Day. It's German for a Whale's Vagina Day.

melsdingoWhipped lardo.......mmmmmmm from Tweetie

Oh, the places you can rub it on.

nytimesdiningWell: What's Your Cooking Personality? from web

Self depracating, Mr. Freud.

ChicharronesChicharrones were described as "angel farts" on facebook, that's awesome. from twitterrific

Facebook is really where all the creepies crawl out.

oliviamunnrunning through japan as wonder woman really unnerves people. from web

Olivia running unnerves me in all the right ways.

gailsimmonsScarpetta's Banana Budino makes me happy. I have been here since 6Pm and it is packed!

Anything with Gail and Banana is fine by me. It's two-fer Tuesdays on the underrated-hot-women-that-I-love tweets. Giggity giggity. If only Tina Fey tweeted more.

dcpattersontoday at hodo soy i thought one of their signs said "satan" instead of "satay". "satan's soy noodles". my kind of product. from web

Not sure if I'd eat that.

davidlebovitzWalking to the butter store for exercise is self-cancelling, I suppose. from twitterrific

Keep telling yourself that.


Chicharrones@linecook great blog, Eddie is the man from web in reply to linecook

Damn, skippy.

linecook@Chicharrones It's true, he is the man. Do you know him personally? from TweetDeck in reply to Chicharrones

Damn, skippy, part deux.

hotfoodporn@linecook @Chicharrones we're good friends. Thanks. Not to make it a twitter lovefest, but you guys rock too. from web in reply to linecook

We enjoy random acts of self felatio among chefs.

linecook@hotfoodporn well thank you! from TweetDeck in reply to hotfoodporn

Linecook is really the man though.

Chicharrones@hotfoodporn @linecook, what evs, twitter lovefest is hot! from web in reply to hotfoodporn

This is too much, my head is swelling and blowing up.

LATimesfoodReading about exploding olives: from web

Speaking of exploding, exploding food is sweet.

Star_ChefsWhat's your take on the NYT article about the lack of culinary jobs? from web

I think some people who run restaurants are idiots and they need to start paying cooks in erotic services.

Star_Chefs@hotfoodporn You're right, it is tough to get by on cook's wage in a city. What're your thoughts on a more pragmatic salary system? from web in reply to hotfoodporn

Dammit, what about gift cards for erotic services?

GachatzSwallow magazine. Have you seen this? Interesting writing. from twitterrific

Not everyday I pick up a magazine called Swallow. Only every other day. If the great Grantz Achatz digs it, then I dig it. I will gladly look to Swallow.

dcpatterson@linecook mr to m="You'll probably fuck it up, so please err on high side." you can look it up on Iphone Customer Translator App. from web in reply to linecook
dcpatterson@linecook and btw, when did precision in the kitchen become optional? or pejorative? from web in reply to linecook
Do not incur the wrath of this great man, he may destroy you with his "Satan's Soy Noodles."
Continued On Part II...

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  1. re: butt plug comment.

    300-400 covers doesn't feel like a butt plug, more like hot sauce running out of your asshole and u running home to get to the bathroom. See Tim about that. Many a night where I wanted to scream, pee and poo all at once, and laugh at yourself, "you've got to be kidding, I have to put up 20 plates of food in 2 minutes??"