Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Only Thing Hotter Than The Strippers In Montreal - Au Pied De Cochon's New Digs!

Au Pied De Cochon officially open their new restaurant today March 20th, despite listing on their website March 19 (permit issues apparently) . The new place is called Cabane a Sucre, which in English speak apparently translates to Sugar Shack. For those that do not know the wonders of Au Pied De Cochon, it is known as the definitive restaurant in Montreal and home to one of the best dishes I've ever had in my life (Duck In A Can).
The legendary Foie Poutine has been on many lists as one of the must have dishes in the world and the cookbook is a treasured piece for any food porn (almost to the degree of snuff) lover. Just from reading the book and watching the cooks haul ass happily in an open kitchen at 5pm, you could tell that everything is performed as a labor of love.
After hearing about Sugar Shack, I have more than enough incentive to crawl and scrape my way to Montreal for nothing less than another 2-3 great meals between the two restaurants. Here's the new site:
Sugar Shack's concept is supposed to be family style tasting where plates are set in the middle (probably a la chinese big plates) and people just share and eat. It's one set price and range, $45 for adults.

Here's their description of the food:

The menu at the Pied de Cochon sugar shack will offer new twists on traditional recipes. Finding our inspiration in the spirit of the sugar season and its time-honoured dishes, we aim to expand and refine the choices on the menu by including dishes steeped in tradition, along with authentic Pied de Cochon creations which are the measured fruit of our culinary experience.

Here's some of their beautiful art from the site:

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