Friday, March 13, 2009

Saturday Market Report

Hi, quick notes and stuff today. I decided to post farmer's market pics on Friday so you can know what to expect when you shop this weekend. Hopefully we'll get some strawberries and other fruits soon, but there's a lot more softer greens and not necessarily just the bitter stuff. Asparagus is here, but I haven't spotted the big Zuckerman asparagus boxes yet. Soon to come.

Onto the pics:

Monstrous Eureka Lemons

Girls Scout Cookies during hard times - $4.00 = rough.

No, it's not pussywillow.

Dual Hands in Ass Pockets Pose, it's about as effective as Blue Steel

You too can grow plants in your 200 sq ft. $4000 SOMA apartment

Miette macarons with coffee, supposedly for eating, but really meant for morning jaw exercise.

Blue + Purple Taters, a SF metaphor for life if you want it to be.

I don't know why knit hats are necessary for dudes in 60 degree weather.

Random cool shadow picture. Pointless really.

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