Friday, March 27, 2009

Twitter Friday - Tweets, Twits and Twats.

A random summary from this week's twitters that came through my door step. No organizing this time, it nearly killed me last week. I just copied and pasted during the week as I saw fit for fun. Here it is, this is what you missed...

Monday - Friday:

BBBaumgartnerSo Rainn Twatted that I am on here. And now I have people reading what I write. I hate the power he has and uses for evil. from web

BBBaumgartnerPeeps-Thanks for the many welcomes and well wishes...but... I like twatted. Not twitted. Not tweeted. Twatted. from web

Brian happens to be Kevin Malone from the office and yes, Brian, I like twatted, too.

dcpatterson riddle me this: what does one say to a customer who orders bone marrow and then proclaims it "too fatty"? from web

Chicharrones@dcpatterson Don't let the door hit you, where the good lord split you! from web in reply to dcpatterson

offalchris@dcpatterson get the fuck out of my restaurant. from TwitterFon in reply to dcpatterson

We chefs really don't care for stupid questions. My response: Who likes a lean bone anyways? Just remember, dumb questions will cost you, but looking stupid is always for free.

Sounds like the new wave of children's entertainment...

AmandaGoldMaple bacon pancakes in the test kitchen. Not as good as they sound. Not from scratch. NOT worth eating. from web

Interesting how the SF Chronicle Test Kitchen found the only thing in this world that probably doesn't taste better with bacon. Considering these standards, let's lighten up on the strap-on during the Bauer reviews, okay?

eatersf Nate Appleman, Boulevard, Nicole Plue among local nominees for '09 Beard Awards: from web

Congrats, one day that may be me holding a golden false idol of worship amongst chefs...

alexstupakoff today! about to go crush 60 oysters and 4 bloody marys with my wife. from web

Alex clearly wasn't considerate enough to tell us what his wife wanted to eat, but when you down 60 oysters with wife in hand, I'm pretty sure we know what's up.

offalchrisCouldn't wait for head to tail, now it's here and i am nervous as hell lots of anticipation. from TwitterFon

Let's just say by Wednesday with the Bourdain train in town, this was definitely no longer the case.

dcpattersoni did something today. but i didn't twitter about it, so it must not have been important. from web

Daniel, your legions of followers feel that even your tweets/twats from the toilet are important. Daniel Patterson probably shits gold, seriously.

BBBaumgartnerThe extra B in my name stands for B-awesome. Or it is the first letter of my middle name. Any guesses? Hint: Not Bambam. from web

Balls. I guess Balls. Did I win?

linecookOrganizing the walk in is like playing a life size game of tetris. from twitterrific

Chicharrones@linecook cleaning the walk in... consolidate or die! Is the law of the land. from twitterrific in reply to linecook

Ryan used to show me the knife when he told me this back in the day. Consolidate or die.

thefeednycAh culinary student folly: "Don't disrespect Ferdinand!" from txt

Further proof that stupidity can't be taught.

GachatzJust tried to get Ramen at ippudo, 1.5 hour wait, moved on to soba ya. Wish we had these options in Chicago... from twitterrific

Grant Achatz should be waiting for no one. How dare them make you wait! Visavis Grant, go to Ramen Setagaya. It's better.

offalchrisIn the shits a full house and he is in the house. from TwitterFon

hotfoodpornIt's a intriguing night when one sec you are eating heart and foie tartare and then next second Bourdain and Harold McGee sit next to you. from web

MeatMavenGreat head to tail dinner with Bourdain & co. Way more fun than expected & great food from @offalchris, as expected. Goose intestines; yum! from Tweetie

Yes, you missed all the good times that we had at Incanto for Head to Tail, guess you'll just have to see my ass on No Reservations... seriously, I think they got an ass shot when I stood up. it's not pretty.

linecook@hotfoodporn she is one hot little potato, but have you read her tweets? that girl eats some shitty food. from TweetDeck in reply to hotfoodporn

hotfoodporn@linecook yeah, she does eat some crap, but that's not an issue when you can do this with food. Bloody Classic. from web in reply to linecook

Olivia Munn + hotdogs = not fair.

linecookDear people of San Francisco: when you order your carbonara with no pancetta, you are seriously breaking my damn heart. from TweetDeck

I do not want to know what life is without joy. It is a dark day.

SFistHelp Us, Alice Waters, You're Our Only Hope? from web

More Alice Waters hater-ade. I'm starting to feel bad for her.

bittmanRT @mjhawley: Leaving PDX, America's #1 airport. Why? <

Hemp milk sounds like something I should taste, but it also sounds like it would taste like bong water.

TheOnionCome On, Lighten Up, I'm Just Being A Total Asshole from twitterfeed

A day in the life...

linecookI feel like Liz Lemon trying to get her phone back, sans naughty pics and Tracy Jordans cash.thefeednycThe Feed File: Padma’s porno, the bagel’s background up photo chemistry to reverse cross process my film :)AnnmerrellJust discovered that the president of our country is on twitter. Think he does his own tweets or did he hire someone for that?
hotfoodporn@Annmerrell he hired a Secretary of Twitter Communication but resigned due to unreported taxes & Congress pressure

Hot Job Alert: Line Cooks needed at Harbour, Joe Isidori's new nautical-themed restaurant: #jobs

Who doesn't want to work in a pirate "nautical -themed" kitchen? YARRR!!!!

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