Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wednesday Night Test Kitchen (actually Tuesday) - 3/25

It was actually Tuesday night when I decided to make test kitchen dinner for myself. Nothing complicated this week, just a good old perfect sous vide dry aged 28 oz. steak. Ho hum. Why was this Tuesday night test kitchen and not Wednesday? Because yours truly was dining at Incanto with Chicharrones 4505 Meats creator/chef Ryan Farr. Interestingly enough that was not the only company that I had in the smaller private backroom of Incanto.

Apparently it was an all out San Francisco culinary party @ Chris Consentino's joint - especially when Anthony Bourdain (the ROCKSTAR), Harold McGee (the MAN), Ravi Kapur (of Boulevard), Tatiana Graf (Chris' wife, Boccalone Meat Maven), Yank Sing owners, Jennifer Cox (Joie De Vivre chef) and others rock the tables right next to us. All I can say is any night that in the presence of Harold McGee and Bourdain is a pretty intriguing one.

Well anyways, onto the menu:

28oz 5-hour Sous Vide Dry Aged Prime Rib Cut
-shallots, garlic, coriander, five-spice, ancho chile

Onto the pics:

Seasoned, vac packed and ready to go.

Check out that ridiculous marbleizing dry aged thick meat...

Sous vide action heating up.

5 hours and 1 hot broil sear later...

First cut.

A nice modest fruity cab from Conn Creek to match up.

Perfect temp, perfect steak.

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