Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wednesday Night Test Kitchen On Hold - Making Up With Taco Flavored Kisses.

Sorry, there was no test kitchen last night as I have been frantically running around looking at apartments here and there. Then I pulled into Poleng for 1 drink which turned out to be more like 4 or 5 of course. That's how nights always seem to end up there, ah.

Anyhoot, to make up for no Test Kitchen, I've got great pics of one of the best (my favorite) taco trucks in the Bay Area. This fabulous "roach coach" (actually it's really clean inside, cleaner than most restaurant kitchens) is called Tacos Estrellas. They make ginormous super burritos with a bevy of meat choices and pig cuts - lengua, buche, cabeza, tripe, chicharron, carnitas, chorizo, etc.. I'm personally a lengua and cabeza man, so I totally do the Super Burrito with some of that half and half pig head action - inside and out. Their fish tacos are also killer. I haven't been to all the taco trucks, but out of the many I have been to, this is the best.

The only problem is, how the hell do I find it?

Go 880 South from Bay Bridge, exit High St, take a right towards Alameda and onto High St. The truck is in an almost abandoned dirt lot on the left during lunch hours. Hey, nobody ever said finding great tacos was going to be easy.

Here are some sweet taco flavored kisses (photos) for you all:

A smorgasbord of delightful choices...

Specials: Tacos De Buche = Tacos De Fuck Yeah

An order of +Tax comes with every meal.

Why does the star dude need red gloves and red shoes?

"Sir, would you prefer a seat with a dirt lot home depot view or dirt lot highway view."

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