Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wednesday Night Test Kitchen Returns 3/18/09

Finally got back to winning ways of Wednesday Night Test kitchen. I'm fighting laryngitis and I've got a long weekend ahead including a stage on Saturday, signing a new lease on Sunday and d inner plans on top of that. My keyboard will seemingly be the only noise I may be making soon. For some reason, I decided I wanted to make everything rainbow fun and colorful. I still don't know why. When life gives you blue potatoes, you make blue potato terrine, okay?

On the menu:

Blue Potato Terrine
rainbow chard, green garlic

Blue Potato & Taro Pork Dumpling
twice cooked pork belly, sacha shoyu reduction, spicy red pepper aioli

Creamy Mashed Chard (goes into soup)
green garlic puree, fresh crafted butter

Green Garlic and Asparagus Soup
pig stock, creamy mashed chard, baby radish

Onto the pics, NEW PICS UPDATED.

Finished Product - Soup

Terrine Was A Little Too Fragile

Top View

Blue Potato Terrine In Pan

Blue Taters Swimming In Salty Water

Rainbow Magic

My Favorite Underwear Color

Purple Shaved Potato Is Almost Acid Trippy

Glops of Veggie Goo

Dumpling Ready for Frying

Blue Potato & Taro Dumpling

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