Wednesday, April 22, 2009

For Berkeley...

News of this story came out today...

Yes, the neo-hippie sphincters over at Berkeley have finally done it. Instead of trying to solve real issues like resource replacement of over-processed foods, wasteful consumption of meat products, allocating clean and healthy meat distribution, supporting local farm legislation/incentives, alternative energy importing solutions, you go and make great news to pass this asinine ban on foie gras. As someone that leans more towards the left than right on most social issues, I find it particularly hypocritical that people, who do not support censorship and adamantly support 1st amendment rights, basically reject the simple concept that what they are passing is a censorship on rights to artistic expression.

That being said, I would never boycott my support for restaurants in Berkeley, they need our support, but I'm making a stand to eat/cook enough foie for those that can't in Berkeley. That and I protest paying taxes to support the that city. This is a load's of elephant shit and this is what Berkeley can go do.

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  1. thanks for the posting. this is quite a tragedy.