Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Meatpaper Party @ Camino 4/27/09

On Monday night, I had the privilege to work the Meatpaper party at Camino. First off, I'd like to say the kitchen at Camino is gorgeous and at the center of attention is it's wonderful big fireplace/pit in which all types of goodies come out of. The staff was nothing but gracious and nothing but fantastic, especially at the site of 10+ invading chefs taking over space here and there. Russ Moore and others at Camino couldn't have been nicer, with exception of one girl who was a little standoffish... but it seemed to be the type of attitude that some women give off when they think I'm attempting conversation for sexually deviant purposes - which I surely was not. It was probably my fault, I'd been working 120+ hours the last 7 days so I was probably brain-dead and awkward. But I will say that as a proud East Coaster, we are not the subtle (aka bullshit) type and games/tricks are for kids and fake rabbits. I apologize if she mistook the vibe, but I mean come on, there was meat in the air everywhere. That's like the energy of 90 male lions feeding off a pack in heat. I don't know what that means actually, but it sounds awesome.

Anyways, for the event, I was cooking off some corn dogs (from 4505 Meats) through this little window in the back kitchen area. Because the corn dogs require a skilled dip and dive technique, they take a good 8-10 mins to turn out each batch of 12 or so. When the first batch went out, the plate emptied in less than 90 seconds. The second time the dogs went out, the plate came back in less than 60 seconds. Each successive full plate came back 40 seconds of less. Because the plate never made it out of the entrance of the kitchen, we shifted its serving location to the right side of the kitchen - much to the dismay of people waiting on the other end. When we rerouted the plates to the left side, a loud groan let out in the right side of the room. People were now giving me borderline death and ravenous Jenna Jameson-like horny stares through the little kitchen window (as seen in a pic below) - again, much like the energy of 90 male lions feeding off a pack in heat. (2nd reference, shweet) I don't enjoy angry horny stares from other dudes or certain cougars, so that's not my kind of thing, but I digress. Finally, the next plate went to the right and there was much audible rejoicing and clapping - and less ravenous staring. Some people even rolled over and fell asleep. 3 hours - 150+ corn dogs out the door.

The best part of the night were these cookies from Camino that you see below. They looked just like the Tasty Pig. I secretly called them Tasty Pig cookies. I even slapped a logo on one just to see how it looks like. Future Wednesday Night Test Kitchen will most definitely involve this cookie cutter and some form of bacon icing that reads Tasty.

Onto the pics!

Tasty Pig and Tasty Pig Cookie: Separated at Birth.

Lard Gingerbread Cookie Batter I think...

4505 Meats "Say It Sexy, Chicharrrrrooooooonnnneesss"

The Other Meat Capital Outside of Van Nuys

Quiet Before The Storm

Peta Beware

Needed More Foundation and Blush on the Right There...

The Sexiest Kitchen Station I've Ever Seen

Stuffed With Tongue - Death By French Kiss

Dogs Prior To Corning (hmm... that doesn't sound right)

My Window To The Outside World

A Plate of Corn Dogs - Lasted 41 Seconds

Servers In Superman Speed

Tasty Piglets

Rustic Scene In The Dining Room

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  1. WOW. The Pig Party was AMAZING Monday night. Major thanks for all of your hard work + the corn dogs. It was outta control! Definitely a feeding frenzy, kinda medieval. I'm still reeling from it.