Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Romping On Bourbon Through Washington D.C.

I must apologize to all of the 3 total readers in my blog for not consistently filling your brains with random and ridiculous food information recently. In the last 2 weeks, I have been pre-occupied with moving out of my old apartment and moving into a brand new place. It's been pretty crazy, but I'm starting to get nice and settled. On top of that, I had to leave for my Washington D.C. trip last Thursday so there was a big rush to get everything setup by then.

Well now that I'm back, it would only be appropriate to give you a summary of some of the fun food spots I went to in DC. Here's a list and short summary:

Dupot Fresh Farms Market - weekly farmer's markets in DC. Pretty disappointing markets charging $5 per 1/2 lb of spinach. Ouch. Limited produce, but there seemed to be a bunch of meat vendors. Totally cool Bison vendor.

Bourbon - a relatively recently opened bar in DC (at least for me), Bourbon serves up an amazing list of its namesake. I asked the good lookin' bartender how many were on the list and she said they stocked around 120 or so different bottles of bourbon. The list is 4 ginormous pages long and included exceptional whiskeys, rye whiskeys and scotch, see below. Simply the mecca of bourbon in bars. I rocked a glass of 18 year old Elijah Craig Single Barrel Reserve. Smooth and easy like Sunday Morning. More thoughts on Bourbon later in the week, some notes on the Elijah Craig:

"Elijah Craig 18-year-old Single Barrel Bourbon, the oldest Single Barrel Bourbon available in the world, is bottled solely from one barrel hand-selected by Master Distiller Parker Beam."

Firehook Bakery - nothing special in this shop except for the ginormous cookies. I mean these are practically personal pizza sized cookies. Ridiculously tasty White Choco Macadamia Nut cookie.

Red Velvet Cupcake - tasty cupcakes, but it was definitely the store front and design that lured me. This little place is pretty nice (David Lynch inspired font it seems) and the cupcakes are very moist and velvety delicious. At $3.25 though? I don't know about that... good cream cheese frosting though. Yummy.

Murky Coffee - this is THE coffee house in DC and they normally have pretty awesome roasts there, but all their coffee shelves were cleaned out. I couldn't even take the good stuff home. Bummer. A little bit of weird news, seems like they are moving out of Clarendon (VA area) and into Chinatown due to rent or tax or something...

Super Pollo - cheap, tasty and wonderful charcoal Peruvian chicken. When it comes to Peruvian Chicken and Viet food, nothing beats DC. For sides, you got to go with the plantains and rice. El Pollo Rice down the street rocks too, but its ridiculously packed on weekends. Not worth the wait when Super Pollo is just as good.

Onto the pics!

Ginormous Flowers at the market

A grand farmer's market heritage: screwing Dupont yuppies since 1997

Apples from Quaker Valley or as the Amish call them: apples from the Sluts at The Hills. It's all relative really.

"The Buffalo Hunter" almost sounds as cool as "The Highlander"

Shrooms, also popular outside of Berkeley

Cheese that won a bunch of awards, too bad it was bland.

Firewood, big ass cookies. That should have been their motto.

Choices galore.

Adams Morgan without drunk people, rare sight.

My "good lookin" bartender in front of lots of bourbon.
There's something wrong if this doesn't turn you on.

The other side.


D.C. Lump Crabcake sandwich, that's how I roll. Bourbon beans rocked.

Dennis Hopper's favorite place to eat.

Red Velvet cupcake + Izzy Grapefruit Soda = Brangelina.


Conversations & Coffee is like Crackrocks & Cokehead - hand in hand.

Iced Tea Is Back, but no one wanted him there in the first place.

Better than Super Sexe. Montreal reference.

The Chicken Master

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