Monday, April 20, 2009

This is EXACTLY What SF Needs

All Star's Atomic Meatloaf Sandwich

Look, there are a lot of great restaurants out there and there is an over-abundance of quality meals to be had. Gourmet burgers - check, gourmet fried chicken - check, "hi-low" food (as deemed by me Lady Hoptress) -check, ethinic options - check. With that said, there are a couple of items that are ridiculously lacking in SF:

1. Definitive sandwich place. I don't mean a good counter, ala the Alamo Square market. I want a dedicated GREAT sandwich shop like All Star in Boston, Paseo in Seattle, Porchetta in NY, Potbelly (I know its a mini local chain, but its tasty as hell) in DC. I know people will gravitate to tell me that Tommy's Joynt is good and all, but seriously, we're talking greatness here.

2. Some sort of decent Malaysian/Singapore cuisine. There really isn't a good restaurant out there for this at all. There are maybe 2 out there max and they are mediocre.

3. True Brazilian (or even more South American) homestyle cuisine. Gimme some salted cod, rice casseroles, moqueca. I'm not spending $70 at a meat buffet party that is more Californian than Brazilian. Do people really think everyone in Brazil eats meat at Churrascarias all the time?

4. Puerto Rican/Cuban cuisine. Oh I crave spicy fried snapper, ropa viejo, mofongo and arroz con pollo. Actually as I type this, I found a new place to try out. Let's hope its not a total disappointment.

There are pockets of these cuisines around here, but is San Francisco saturating itself with their seemingly archaic trending (due to gentrification, marketing, Chez Panisse,and rent prices, aka restaurant sustainability). Was there more diversity in cuisine here 20-30 years ago? That would be a nice study to see, wouldn't it?
What would you like to see more of?

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  1. yes, whole heartly agree with you on #2. there's not much i can do when i crave a good laksa and kopi.