Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wednesday Test Kitchen - April 22, 2009

For my Wednesday Test Kitchen, I reached back and went old school. I happened to be a New Mei Wah searching for some random items when I came upon one of my very favorite green vegetables called "Kang Kong" in the Philippines and "Tong Sum Choi" (translates to Hollow Heart Greens) in Chinese. Having found these fantastic greens, I decided to cook them in a classical Chinese preparation - with a fermented bean curd sauce. That's how my momma would do it and if you don't retain those things, then it gets lost forever.

I also picked up some wonderful Iacopi farms baby favas, which can be eaten whole. I sliced them thinly on a bias a paired them to stir fry with some flat noodles.

The protein of the night were 48 hour vadouvan short ribs that Ryan Farr had prepped for an event that we tag teamed on Sunday. Apparently he used my house made vadouvan, which is cool.

Onto the menu:

Tong Sum Choi with Fermented Bean Curd

Baby Whole Favas with Flat Rice Noodles

48 Hour Vadouvan Short Rib (not mine)

Onto the pics:

Cut Long Greens In Half

Not Your Everyday Condiment...

Gentle Initial Saute

Add the Beancurd, Soy Oyster and Herb Blend In...

A Classic Mound of Tasty Savory Greens

Saute Baby Favas

Mix with Seasonings and Flat Noodles


48 Hour Vadouvan Shortrib from Ryan Farr

Nice Temp.

Cut up for Consumption, Pile of Meat.


  1. KPH @cookerguyApril 24, 2009

    Love greens. I'll have to check out the fermented bean curd. Is that a good addition to other greens as well?

  2. I LOVE this post. Fermented bean curd is delicious, and this is the classic way to prepare tong choi. Yum. You're making me want some!!