Monday, April 13, 2009

Wednesday Test Kitchen - April 8, 2009

Seeing as to how my schedule will likely drastically change in the next few weeks, Wednesday Test Kitchen may be fading as I take a new the new job. More info as that develops, but this post is the Wednesday Test Kitchen which I didn't get a chance to finish until Friday. Onwards to the menu:

Ground Lamb and Veal Sausage Tacos
-Tapatio (hell yeah, BOH favorite), Rosemary Flowers, Caramelized Onion, Green onions, Achadinha Broncha Aged Goat Cheese

24 Hour Veal Breast Sous Vide
-Pimenton, Smoked Mirasol, Dried Ancho Chile, Green Onion, Brown Sugar, Five Spice

Grilled Peep
-Hot Coals

The tacos were heaven, especially with the aged goat cheese on top. It's a fantastic and wonderfully nutty aged goat unlike some others. The Veal breast was a tad strong in terms of flavor, I need to really cut back on sous vide-ing with smoked paprika as the aroma and flavor is overpowering in the circulator for so long. I'm probably going to go with a simpler rub of chile, sugar and salt. I'd smoke the meat entirely in low heat first next time or smoke it in high heat after I cool it down from the circulator. Of course the meat was tender and perfect texture wise though. I reduced the drippings in the bag, added a little acid to it and seasoned with a little more sugar, salt, pepper. Maybe I should have done it a little more tomato based. Ah well, it was fun.

Grilled Peep for the enjoyment of all and of course, my Serious Eats twitter rebuttal.

Onto the pics:

A whole mess of Veal from Mollie Stone's.
Yes, this baby animal was born and slaughtered to please me... unlike PETA.

Oh taco.

Stuff to rub on yo Meat.

No Glove, No Love.

Broil time baby.


"Pink Is My Favorite Color."

The Peep that went Silent...

Because I grilled his face off.

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  1. that poor peep. such a sad way to go.