Friday, May 29, 2009

Auditory Food Experience? Sounds Sweet.

The Fat Duck

Yesterday, the BBC published a report on the ability of auditory sounds to affect or enhance a person's sense of taste. To which some weird questions started coming up in my mind, but we'll get to those later. First a little snippet of the article:

We are all capable of "hearing" shapes and sizes and perhaps even "tasting" sounds, according to researchers.

This blending of sensory experiences, or synaesthesia, they say, influences our perception and helps us make sense of a jumble of simultaneous sensations.

Oxford University scientists found that people associate lower-pitched sounds with larger and more rounded shapes.

One of the team is now working with chef Heston Blumenthal to incorporate words into a new dining experience.

News about evolution of technique or food always intrigues me because it seems that for something so many feel is stagnant and basic, there exists this whole other world that is constantly pushing the boundary to find another seam and fold in what is actually endless in variation. I still have yet to understand why food philosophy is divisive and so very preferential, but that's actually one of my future topics so I'm not going to bother getting into it. I will say however that discrimination and prejudice to food is a crime that only punishes the eater and nobody else - unless you're one of those doucheholes that go on and on to everyone about why you are not eating anything at someone else's party/dinner. Why are you the way you are?

Well anyways, fun questions for sound stimulated eating:

1. Do things taste better when you hear it from a sexy language? French/Italian?
(random followup question, can anyone make German sound sexy?)

2. Do things taste better when you hear it from a sexy voice? Hot Women Speaking French/Italian?

3. Would someone ever pair hot porn with hot food porn? Weird.

4. Is this the logical reason for Giada's constant moaning? (She just wants everything to taste better)

5. So if I ever have a kid and he's wearing an Ipod during dinner (ala Fat Duck course), I can't slap that shit off his head?

So many more questions...

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