Monday, May 25, 2009

HFP's Memorial Day House Warming Recap

Though not many as expected showed up for the house warming my roomies and I threw - mainly because almost everyone was out of town, someone else's BBQ or at one of the 8 million weddings going on, we had fun putting it together and forcing ourselves to get our place organized. I would have put up our spread against anything else going on this weekend - if there was somewhere that was throwing down better, I'd like to see some pics. I'm also very happy that I have sweet leftovers this week. Aileen, one of my roomies totally rocked the desserts. Just to show everyone what they missed out on, here's a little food recap:

The Menu:

Chips & Homemade Dips
-Yellow chive buttermilk dip

Cheese Plates
-Andante Camembert, Andante Minuet, Stilton Blue accompanied with apricots, strawberries, cashews and Washington wild thistle honey

Sour Cream Egg & Potato Salad
-Green onions, roasted onions, gold fingerlings and baby new potatoes

Smoked Sausage and Squash Penne
-summer squash types: ronde de nice, yellow crooknecks, yellow pattypan, courgette

Aileen's Shaved Cabbage & Ramen Chicken Salad

Half Roasted Pig from Gourmet Delight
-Crispy everything and with a full head!

Aileen's Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

Aileen's Banana Cream Tartlets

Silky Choco Pudding Cups with Blueberry Bourbon Jam

Some pics:

"That'll Do Pig"

Doesn't it suck that you weren't eating me.

"Daddy wants to..." Wait, wrong velvet color.

We didn't even bother asking if people got enough to eat.

Aileen's Banana Tartlets

A whole other table for food and yes,
someone brought awesome spam musubi

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