Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Making Vadouvan - Explained, Kind Of

I promised a reader I would help him out with some of the ingredients involving Vadouvan, so I figure since I'm practically as brain dead right now as Paris Hilton, I'm going to mail this one in and let the pics do the talking.

Vadouvan, for those that do not know, is the french interpretation of curry. Essentially it is taking the basic spice of curry and pronouncing it with more aromatics and fresh vegetables. Here is a list of ingredients that you will normally find in Vadouvan. I however have spent many trials and many hours trying to figure out my own secret ratios, so I will not be unveiling that. Sorry, chef's secret. One of those things that you share with the person in bed with you or take to the grave. No, that was not an invitation for the men to satisfy either conditions.

Vadouvan ingredients may include the following (though not always):

Fenugreek seed
Mustard seed
Red Dry Chile
Curry Leaves
Saffron (rarely)

Hope that helps anyone wanting to create their own blend. Aside from spending a ton on spices you may or may not have, I need to tell you that 5 lbs of vegetables probably yields you less than 1 lb of final product. Yea, that's why its not cheap. Anyone ever wants to try/buy some from me, track me down...

Onto the pics:

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