Friday, May 1, 2009

Market Report

Sorry, been holding this back for a little bit as I have been preoccupied the last couple of weeks. Weather sucks right now, but hopefully it'll be decent soon enough. So this week, there should be enough ramps around. If anything, I'm buying ramps and cooking everything in them for days. So anyone that's going to make out with me has to either love me completely or love being drunk. Favas are are also around and strawberries are in good form. Asparagus, if it hasn't invaded every "seasonal" menu already, is totally in midseason form.

Onto the pics:

Spring flowers

Edible Spring arugula flowers

Dude, Mario Batali lost a ton of weight. Literally.
This man is tranny fierce.

Joseph and his herb is back.

She coordinated the strawberry sweater for this season.

Tierra dry pepper & spice selection

Aztec Shrunken Head Potatoes

Baby Favas and baby taters

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