Friday, May 15, 2009

New Gin Preview/Review - Beefeater 24

Recently Beefeater released a new premium gin called Beefeater 24. Of course, being an avid gin fan, I had to give it a try the other night. And, after tasting 24 in a couple of different drinks, I can say that I do enjoy the flavor, but it's certainly not knocking off Miller's as my personal favorite.

The 12 botanicals listed in the 24 are: Japanese Sencha tea, Chinese green tea, Seville orange peel, grapefruit peel, lemon peel, coriander seed, licorice, angelica root, angelica seed, almond, and orris root. Apparently the gin is distilled multiple times and steeped for 24 hours with these botanicals, which give it a very refreshing citrus-y element. It's a smooth gin from what I can tell, but I think for me, it lacks some of the complexity that a Miller's or a Junipero may display - likely due to the convergence of like citrus flavors.

At some point, I'll probably buy a bottle just to see how far I can take it and what applications it may serve best in. So maybe a more comprehensive report when it happens. Right now, I'm feeling that its would pair best with cucumber, mint or citrus. I like it with bitters (grapefruit, preferably), so I feel like Beefeater 24 would likely make a pretty good Vesper.

What I Would Drink With It Right Now:

Sparkling Gin Vesper:
2 Parts Beefeater 24
Splash of lillet
Dash of bitters (preferably Grapefruit)
Top of with Champagne

It's certainly a pretty nice gin and different enough to be stand out amongst some of the others. If you are a gin fan, I'd say give it a try at the bar (saw it at Absinthe the other night) and draw your own conclusions.

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