Friday, May 15, 2009

Wednesday Test Kitchen - Kind of...

Not much action on the Wednesday Test Kitchen considering I worked at Bloodhound that day. I do have some pics and some food related items that I was cooking this week, so I thought I'd post them for shits an giggles. It's Friday, anything goes.

On the menu:
Dashi Shoyu Broth Ramen
homemade Dashi, jumbo farm egg, meatball, pickled radish

Seared Halibut in White Chocolate Lavender Fume Sauce
(sauce strickly from Chef GabyFerrandon)
shrimp brown butter, green garlic, smoked sausage, shitake

Not particularly overly critical of my dinners, they were tasty and Chef Gaby's sauce (if you missed him at Mission Street Food last Saturday) was divine. Probably would have blanched the green garlic some first though. My noodles were just about perfect and my broth was smokey and rather intense.

Onto the pics:

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