Monday, June 8, 2009

I'll Have The Drug Dealer Braised Leg with Port Reduction


Suspects accused of dismembering, cooking body

WRENTHAM -- Two longtime friends today were accused of murdering a suspected drug dealer, dismembering the body, and then cooking the remains at a Walpole concrete business.

Norfolk Assistant District Attorney Robert Nelson made the ghastly accusations in Wrentham District Court as Daniel Bradley and Paul Moccia pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder charges and were ordered held without bail.

The prosecutor said that the victim, Angel Antonio Ramirez, was a drug dealer who obtained kilos of cocaine from the West Coast. Moccia owed Ramirez $70,000 from prior drug deals, Nelson said, and Moccia decided he was not going to pay Ramirez back and made the decision to kill him.

Nelson said that on March 20, Moccia met Ramirez near the concrete company in Walpole that Bradley co-owns. Moccia is accused of shooting Ramirez in the back with a .357-caliber pistol. The victim's body was then taken to Bradley's business where, Nelson said, Bradley dismembered the man's remains.

He said one final effort was made to eliminate evidence of the killing. "It was cooked," Nelson said of Ramirez's body.

Having been to Wrentham many times in my life, I would not characterize it as a town for a hotbed of new cuisine involving human body parts. In fact, other than an outlet mall, there doesn't seem like there's much there at all.

Wonder if the guy ever took butchering classes? Breaking down a human body is probably harder than a pig I would venture to guess...

Nothing like a deranged story with a hint of cannibalism on Monday afternoon. Anyone wanna throw out the first tastes like chicken joke?

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