Thursday, July 23, 2009

Deboning My Chicken

I was bored last night and I had to debone my chicken after finishing the laundry. I was curious to see how long it would take me with my chef's knife after see Yan Can Cook do a complete breakdown in 19 seconds. I didn't want to break it into pieces as I plan to smoke and stuff it whole.

Why I chose my chef's knife and not my deboning knife? Figure I'd try to make it more of a challenge.

Some things that happened during the video:

-My total time was about 4:23 or something.
-How do I feel about my time, not bad, not great, was good, could have been better...
-I'd say I could have cut off a good 30 seconds if the chicken didn't have a rubber upper right joint... so I'm technically shaving some time off and calling it 4 minutes because I can.
-I removed the bone from the thigh and not the leg because I like to keep that intact for shape.
-My camera was at a crappy angle, so you can't really see the cuts inside unfortunately, but you do hear me calling the chicken a bastard at one point.
-I seriously think that with a cooperative dead chicken and using my boning knife, I might have made it in about 3 minutes. We'll just have to wait until I do my next chicken...
-Unlike my audio debut on the linecook podcast, there are no f-bombs.
-From the weird camera angle, someone noted that it does look like I am defiling or "boning" the chicken with a big knife. I didn't say it...
-Yes, I own a pair of ham fists. They're not too dainty, but I guess its okay to have man hands when you are a man.

My camera ran out of memory the very second I finished, but I snapped a pic of the inside to show you the cut inside.

HFP Video Debut:

Post Deboning Pics:

2 Tickets To The Guns Show Please.

A Hollowed Existence

Backside View


  1. You've got skills. I don't even know how to debone a chicken, but I can follow your super awesome video!

    Also, a tripod would help with the camera angle. You can get one at Ritz Camera or online for under $20.

  2. i've watched those yan can cook videos so many times!

    i think i hear your roommate (my friend) haruka in the background.

  3. I think some designs feature an arched blade to enhance the ease of a single pass cut in removing fish from its flesh.