Wednesday, July 15, 2009

More From Chicago

On Tuesday, my piece on my Chicago trip was posted on Tablehopper in a contributing Jetsetter piece as seen here. I thoroughly enjoyed writing the piece because it was nice and almost therapeutic (not sure if that makes sense) to get a chance to reminisce on all the experience, food and otherwise, I had during that trip. I however did have a lot of pictures left over from my time there that I figure would be appropriate to post on as a followup gallery. Here it is:


Pork Belly, Potato, Black Truffle

Hiramasa Shabu Shabu, Napa Cabbage, Konbu Bouillion

Dessert Amuse - Honey, Pollen

Praline Souffle

Rasberry, Yuzu (I think), Gold Leaf

Cannele, Macarons

Pretty Butter Dish

Tuna, Olive Oil, Black Olive

Potato, Olive Oil, Salted Cod

Peekytoe Crab, Foie Emulsion

Lobster, Cherries (can't remember the sphere)

Corn Emulsion, Corn Puree, Halibut

The Publican:


Big Pig

Potee Dish w/ Pig Goodies

My Baby Niece Maddy <3 the Spicy Pork Rinds

YAY, Double Fisting at Early Age

Fries w/ Egg

Cone Action

Pig Pens For People (should be a band name)

Rogue Spotted Pig. (Chef April Bloomfield may be jealous)

Wrigley, Hot Doug's, Grand Lux:

In Game Action

A View Only Better At Fenway

Ivy League

Synonymous with Wrigley: Old Style

Greatest Baseball Sign Ever.

Shitty Hot Doug's Line = No Sausage For Me



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