Wednesday, July 22, 2009

PDX, Here I Come!

Going to Portland, Oregon for the first time in two weeks! I'm excited for the wedding, the restaurants, the produce and all the microbreweries. I've already booked Le Pigeon - a restaurant I've been trying to get to the last 2 years. Thanks everyone for the recommendations, I've got a list of options and I figure I'd share it with everyone. I am planning on buying a ton of mushrooms at a farmer's market as well, so I can bring a ton back with me. They seem SO much cheaper and better in the Pacific NW. Whoever wants in on a big mushroom share buy, maybe you can twitter me to work something out...

My List:

Bijou Cafe
Bunk Sandwiches
Screen Door
Park Kitchen
Acropolis (strip club breakfast, $8 steak and eggs, hell yeah!)
Wong's King for dim sum

Happy Hour/Cocktails Late:
Clyde Common
Beaker Flask

Le Pigeon
Pok Pok
Sel Gris


  1. Umm, did no one say Voo Doo Doughnuts? A must! A Portland classic!

    And Simpatica Dining Hall is awesome for brunch too. Have fun!

  2. Good to see you'll be in my neck of the woods. Though I would suggest Carlyle as a must stop to eat. And take in some of the foodcart scene in Portland some of the best grub in the City of Roses isn't in a restuaruant.

  3. You know according to the Oregon Brewers Guild, there is an estimated 159 microbreweries in Oregon