Monday, July 6, 2009

Weekend Cannele Making

I spent some of this weekend making cannele and also creating a new savory cheese cannele recipe. For those that do not know what a cannele is (pronounced as can -neh - lay), it is a French custard pastry originated from the region of Bordeaux. This little wonder normally comes is a round conical shape (similar to a mini holeless bundt cake). Here are some painstaking details on making cannele:

1. The batter needs to be made 24-48 hours ahead of time.
2. Molds need to be oil/waxed, set to drip out, then frozen for 30 mins before filling with batter
3. Cooking takes 75 minutes long
4. Tin/copper molds cost an arm and a leg each ($8+ for each tin, $20+ for copper)
5. They need an hour at least to cool before eating
6. They go soft after 6-7 hours or so
7. Ingredients include stuff beeswax, ultrafine baker's sugar, vanilla beans, dark rum
8. One batch is approximately 8 cannele

These things are a pain in the ass to make, they're expensive and you can't eat them the day after. But the good thing about something that requires so much annoying work, is that it tastes pretty damn amazing. It's crispy, chewy, soft and custardy all at once.

Some new developments in my cannele making this weekend included using a set of new tin molds and making cheese cannele. I developed my own recipe for the cheese cannele, but they were slightly too dense and heavy with the cheese. I used a good amount of crescenza, so I will likely have to cut back on how much I put in there. I think if I were to make a new cheese batter, I may not wait 24 hours to let the air in the batter settle. The good thing was that the cheese cannele crisped and browned almost exactly the same as the regular ones. I may try to incorporate more air in the batter somehow, though I balk at the thought of working in egg whites - it is not lost on me that that would make it a souffle.

The new tin molds made ridiculously beautiful cannele and the shape is much nicer. This sadly means that I need to blow more money to have a bigger set of these... eventually getting rid of the silicone ones. I'm now spoiled by how sexy they came out yesterday. Dammit.

Some pics:

Old Mold, Cheese Cannele

Sexy New Tin Molds

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