Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Where Do I Buy Meat?

I thoroughly despise Whole Foods and I hate the idea of ever spending $15 lb on any cut of meat. For myself, I have resources to buy better stuff and access to well farmed meat most of the time, but I think one of the main problems with trying to adjust people into the practice of eating properly farmed meat is inaccessibility.

I do not have a strong feelings with urging people to buy sustainable meat from quality farms only because I feel that it would be improper to make a stand on an ideal that is unsustainable and ridiculously inconvenient for the common consumer. People may balk at my thoughts regarding this, but quality sustainably farmed meat is a luxury and will continue to be one until the issue of accessibility to properly addressed. Unfortunately, if you want to address said issue, please keep in mind that the argument opens a can of worms that nobody wants to touch, e.g. some issues include updating federal mandated regulation for farms, subsidies for farm conversions to organic or other regulation based approval, country-wide commodity price adjustments, etc..

It is true that we are in a predicament with the overabundance of abusive farms and unsanitary meat processing, but how are people supposed to change and adapt to a new quality purveyor source when that source is almost completely unattainable. There is a great and slow movement in a lot of cities to now provide outlets for quality meat, but those are few and far away. Stores that carry these pricey sustainable meat items are normally targeted to a wealthier younger crowds with disposable income as supposed to ethnic neighborhoods and families that consume the most meat. There are 3 Safeways less than five minutes from my work and home, but getting to Mollie Stone's, Whole Foods, or Prather Ranch is completely out of the way.

I'm not offering solutions but rather just a talking point. San Francisco can be a bit overzealous with mixing food and personal philosophies. I feel that sometimes that attitude can cause too many people to completely overlook the true reality for the majority of common people in a time of recession. Yep, just another food issue without any vision or specific solution.

But you know, we could hear more people bitch and moan about foie gras - because that's really important.

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