Friday, August 28, 2009

Portland Je T’aime – Part 3, Day 2 & 3


Friday Night – Tears of Gin

After an early fun filled Friday of Hawthorne, Castagna, and Pok Pok, we met up with fellow wedding friends in the Pearl district for some microbrews.  Since, I wasn’t particularly interested in gaining a beer gut on this trip prior to a wedding, I avoided anything more than a pint or taste at each sitting.  Yes, I am a vain beast. 

After the brew, we ran over to Teardrop lounge for something a little more of my style…or so I thought.  The best way to describe Teardrop lounge is confusing.  The cocktail list and creativity is obviously there.  The bar program rocks.  The crowd?  Weird, but I guess that’s not their fault.  I was thinking more true PDT/Bourbon Branch/Violet Hour type and Teardrop was so much more open, inviting (in a bad way, to dudes that wear shiny dark dress shirts) and louder.  I guess I miss exclusivity.  Yes, I am not only vain, but I am kind of a cocktail snob. 

Anyways, I got there and ordered my usual, The Liaison (miller’s, grapefruit, splash of lillet blanc on tall glass w/rocks).  From there, three of us started to bitch about almost everything and almost nothing – you know, the usual bar conversation.  We then started talking and drinking rye whiskey and bourbon.  I proceeded to have a bartender’s choice (with Ransom gin) and big glass of Rock Hill Bourbon (one of my favorites).  After that, we were doneski. 

Pics (not so great):

CIMG0005 CIMG0001       CIMG0003


Saturday Morning – Market Envy

The cool thing about Portland is that is boasts two markets on Saturdays, an arts and crafts seller market and their big farmer’s market.  Wanting to make the most of my day, I got up super early to get to the farmer’s market and then segue to the arts market.  The only thing in my way was roughly a two miles of walking.  This is not something people should attempt after a night of gin and bourbon.  I did get 7 hours of sleep, which for me is a super satisfactory amount.

The Portland University farmer’s market on Saturday is dauntingly big.  In fact, stall for stall, I’d say the size is larger than the San Francisco market.  It’s also a helluva lot more festive.  In contrast, the Ferry Building market seems to be a calmer, peaceful and classy sort of affair(though holiday weekends are always a guaranteed shitshow), but the Portland market is like a big produce shopping block party.  There’s cooking events, a main stage for a band, and dedicated seating for eating from vendor stalls.  It’s wild and ridiculously fun.  The one thing I will say that the University market doesn’t do better than the Ferry building, is specialty, diversity of produce and abundance of unique varietals.  Items are much more cut and dry in Portland and there is a lot of overlapping between vendor offerings.  This is probably thanks to the planning that CUESA does.  A+ for them.

Market Pics:

IMG_2729 IMG_2708 IMG_2710 IMG_2712  IMG_2714 IMG_2715 IMG_2716 IMG_2717 IMG_2719 IMG_2720 IMG_2721 IMG_2722 IMG_2724 


I wasn’t really jealous of anything I was seeing at the Portland market, but then I saw something amazing… something SF clearly had no answer for…

The REGGIE from Pine State Biscuits.

Behold the magnificence:

CIMG0008   CIMG0007CIMG0010 CIMG0013


This sexy beast of a sandwich is what Pine State Biscuits calls their Reggie Deluxe.  Inside of it holds the true belief that dreams can come true:

Egg, Cheese, Bacon, Fried Chicken and Sausage Gravy inside a biscuit. 

What brilliant sick mind came up with this?  If there was ever a need for the Food Hall of Fame, he would be first ballot.

Since the arts market is not food related, I choose to completely ignore it.  It was nice to look at, but I was bored after 10 minutes of browsing. 


Saturday Afternoon: Saturday Happy Hours, They Exist!

One of the more notable recommendations for the Pacific Northwest was Happy Hour on Saturdays.  I’m from Boston, land of the worst Happy Hours ever.  Boston doesn’t allow alcohol discounts, so that essentially ruins any chance for the hour to contain any chance of happiness.  This can be likened to sleeping with Christina Hendricks (my most current object of red-headed affection) without getting to touch her.  You suck antiquated Boston.

In Portland, they not only have Happy Hour, they have it on Saturdays and they post menus for it online.  Friggin sweet.  Basically, we went to Ten-01, which was well recommended for their happy hour.  We ate a cheese plate, a charcuterie plate and a ton of oysters.  I also downed their version of a Pimm’s Cup in all of maybe 5 minutes.  However, I was slightly disappointed I didn’t order and eat the chorizo burger.  DAMMIT.

All this good food took place about an hour before we had to be at a wedding.  Personally, I don’t trust that any wedding that I attend to provide a quality wedding dinner, so I often don’t bother thinking about it.  It the dinner ends up pretty good, then that’s just a cherry on top of a sundae.  You want a great wedding dinner?  Just return the ring and the dress and book Jean Georges for a night.  That would be a dream.   

After our happy hour drive by Ten-01 (want to thank Ten-01 for getting the goods shucked and served so quickly), we made it to the wedding with in the nick of time – cutting the wait time for the ceremony to about 8 minutes.  The entire wedding itself was nice, efficient and fun - almost run like a Tom Brady two-minute drill.  Considering there was a Chinese family involved (yes, my fellow Chinese people run on their own time and schedule where 20 minutes late is known as on time), it was an act short of a miracle. 

I might of left out some bars and microbreweries like Deschutes, but all in all, it was an awesome rocking time in Portland.  Hope you guys enjoyed the recap.

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