Monday, August 3, 2009

Choice 1


You have elected to call the store. You are angry and disappointed. You end up on the phone with the owner, you choose to:

1. Yell loudly at the owner and scream until you feel better because you may be bug poisoned.

2. Blackmail him for all the sandwiches you can get because bugs are nasty, but they have good protein value and are delicacies…somewhere.

3. Calmly explain the situation to him, hoping that he will offer you an apology and take responsibility.

1 comment:

  1. For 25+ years I inspected fire extinguishers in Brooklyn and Queens in NYC and it was rare for me to go into a kitchen that didn't have at least some evidence of roaches. Why, they like to hide in dark places and up in the hose of a fire extinguisher is as dark as midnight.
    I've found them there an hour after the exterminator left.