Wednesday, September 30, 2009

How To Deal With A Bug In Your Sandwich - A HFP Choose Your Own Adventure

My coworker today found a beetle coming out of his turkey sandwich. Without a doubt, the most obnoxious and disgusting thing to happen is to find new protein groups that are unlisted in the sandwich description. Thankfully, he didn’t quite eat enough of the sandwich to feel like a total sucker, but let’s say he wasn’t particularly thrilled about the prospect of getting turkey spread with beetle juice.

When he got back from lunch, he approached me and asked how I would handle the situation. Looking more in depth, here are the logical responses. All the links on this post have a date of August 3rd because I had to find a way to publish and hide the files on my blogger page. It's stupid I know, just ignore it and do not go to posts on August 3rd week, follow links for the game:

Let’s play Hot Food Porn: Restaurant Choose Your Own Adventure:

1. Call the sandwich shop.

2. Call the health department.

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