Tuesday, September 1, 2009


So myself (@hotfoodporn), Ryan (@chicharrones) of 4505 Meats, and Richie (@linecook) and Corey (@coreynead) of Nopa have been pathetically trying to put together some sort of fun event to commemorate a random gathering of people that happen to read and take an interest in what we randomly seem to spit out day in day out on twitter.  Really at first, we were kind of looking for an excuse to have some sort of party, but August happened to be one of the busiest months for each one of us individually.  It was so crazy that we kind of lost track of the planning that we set out to do.  But, we semi got our shit together so there is hope.




Hosted by: @linecook, @chicharrones, @hotfoodporn and possibly @coreynead

Where: At the Golden Gate Park


We booked a spot in Golden Gate Park and we are very much still planning to have a fun little get together there along with food.  A block party in a park essentially. 

There is however a slight catch… 

This is going to be the loosest most casual planned party ever and we want it to kind of be pot luck.  We will each definitely try to make a bunch of food, but we’re opening invitations to any and everyone.  It’s a free party for all. 

All you have to do is email us at TweetyParkParty@gmail.com and let us know two simple things:

1. is it just you or are you bringing a bunch of hot female friends, how many?

2. what you plan on bringing and sharing (BYOB is perfectly cool too and preferred)

After that, we will send everyone the exact details of the location and time that we will be getting there.  Come for a little time, come for a long time.  Whatever, whenever. 

No pressure to bring anything special.  I think if half the people brought six packs and the other half brought a bowl of tater salad, we’d still have a rocking good time.   

So if you don’t have anything planned to do this Saturday, September 5 on a holiday weekend and you happen to be looking to kick it with tunes, pig action and brew.  Email us and come on by!


  1. this looks like the jam

  2. What a great idea! Wish I was in town for this but I'm heading off to a family wedding. Won't be nearly as much fun, I'm sure.

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  4. I would totally have loved to be there... BUT, I live in the East Bay and I am totally avoiding anything that would involve crossing over the water this weekend... bridge closure, yes BART will be open but it will probably be insane. Next time?

  5. I am East Bay too and agree. After the awsome food you put out in Oakland it is killing me to miss.keep me in the loop @j_jam

  6. another vote for part deux in oakland!

  7. 3 of us are coming with beverages

  8. Hey guys, sounds dope.
    i think i'll be bringing a jicama slaw of sorts. just me for now. probably round 1:30ish

  9. sounds fun! sounds like you've got the tasty meats covered...i'll bring dessert :) prob something chocolatey and cookie-y

  10. Great idea, but like others won't venture to SF from Oakland on this weekend. Do it again!

  11. count me in for ribs, potato salad cookies and sangria! they'll be about 6 of us comin out to party in the park!

  12. "potato salad cookies"?
    Kinda hoping that's *not* a typo!