Friday, October 2, 2009

Are you serious? - EATER FAIL

I hope this is sarcasm. I really hope they're not serious about giving bloggers $25 bux to shut themselves down. I mean I've got a list of bloggers or people (including some of the more popular ones), I'd pay a LOT more to see disappear. But just like you would ignore the flies that swim around in a turd pile, you ignore the other websites. After all, if you want to start being a national contender, act like one. You've got to stop mixing it up with the pretenders because, being absolutely obtuse to any other random asshole/blogger out there is pretty much the golden standard here at Hot Food Porn. It's true greatness that I strive for in this profitless empire of food porn.

Now if you could only offer people money/incentives to take down their Yelp accounts... then you got something. And that's my idea, so people better not take credit for it. A Hot Food Porn "Shut Your Yelping Trap Party" would be awesome... c'mon Eater, you know you want to sponsor it. Maybe I can open like 50 blogs the next couple of days and shut them down for shits and giggles - that'd be $1250 bux of cold hard cash.

*updated: I realize there was some fine print on rules on how long you've been blogging (30 days) and a limit to how much money they're throwing out for shutting down bloggers, but then again, blogger allows you to backdate entries, so much for that.

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  1. I can't imagine anyone who would be so cynical, and downright goofy, as to make up a fake blog just to try to get $25.