Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pim Vs. Chang - CRIPPLE FIGHT!!!!

Now I think David Chang is a awesome chef, but lately this whole controversy about his SF comments isn't helping him. He's got a big mouth, but there are plenty of reputable chefs who are known to be brash and arrogant. On the other corner of the ring, we have Chez Pim, who I can softly say that I am not a fan of. I wouldn't begin to imagine how something like this could get started, but it apparently does. If this story is true, this is a pretty dick move on Chez Pim's part. No one deserves that. I love myself a good chef gossip shitshow because it makes my day go by faster - now I know why people read trashy celeb magazines. I just caught wind of this and maybe I can try to confirm this happening from a source I know. You draw your own conclusions. Enjoy the following report from the site Opinionated About.

This is awesome, credit my boy @leonardstinks for shooting me this story:

"Here is what I was told. According to three different people who work at the restaurant, when Pim first arrived at Ssam Bar the day before the dinner, she went down to the restaurant’s basement kitchen to drop some things off. While down there she noticed photos of various chefs taped to one of the walls, one of which was a photo of her friend Daniel Patterson the chef/owner of the restaurant Coi in San Francisco (a super-talented chef in my opinion.) I asked Chang about the photos and here is what he told me: “Since we don’t take reservations, when we know a chef is coming to town we put his photo on the wall so the staff can recognize him." (a photo of the wall is at the top of this article.) Now that sounds harmless enough. But Pim purportedly got out her cell phone and called Daniel and told him that Chang had his photo on something that she called “The Wall of Shame" and that he was making fun of him behind his back. "


  1. hah, interesting competition. but who is finally won?? I'd like to know

  2. It's an interesting topic and I'm sure some peolpe may talk about it and some may compose an essay.

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