Monday, October 26, 2009

Don’t Mess With Vermont.

I’m from Massachusetts and I won’t lie to you about this. I have spent countless hours of my life laughing at the abundance of hippies, hicks and hillbillies that live in the uneventful state of Vermont. But, like all good bigger brothers, New Englanders don’t like it when anyone shits on our states except for ourselves.

I found this story more than a week ago and thought it would be nice to bring this (now a national) news story to light via my blog (the media powerhouse that it is).

Basically, Hansen drink company makes the energy drink called Monster (which in my opinion, sucks). A small microbrewery named Rock Art Brewery in Vermont decided to name one of their beers Vermonster. The products have seemingly nothing in common except that Hansen has aspirations of making beer/alcohol in the future with the name Monster (probably something like the Smirnoff Ice shit). So they sent Rock Art a Cease-and-Desist type letter that threatened to sue. Their whole douchebag intention is to screw this small businessman into a legal battle that will bankrupt him and force him to relinquish his use of the name. Dick move Hansen.

Here’s the story via MSNBC, read here.

Here’s the video directly from the owner of Rock Art Brewery:

So after this story went public and people got pissed off, finally Hansen relinquished and dropped the suit a few days ago:

From the AP:

“A small Vermont brewery can keep making and selling its Vermonster beer.

Last month Corona, Calif.-based Hansen Beverage Co. told Rock Art Brewery to stop producing the beer because consumers could confuse it with Hansen's popular energy drink, Monster.

Lawyers for the two companies negotiated a deal: Rock Art can keep its Vermonster product as long it stays out of the energy-drink business.”

But there’s more bullshit on the horizon with Hansen’s trademark witch hunts apparently…

Well regardless, for all of the people that feel like social media has a useless and or negative effect on society, here is a shining example of it’s ability to band a collective community/support for the little guy. See, the internet isn’t always just for porn, facebook, and fantasy sports.

Oh yeah, by the way, Monster energy drinks are disgusting and I would never buy it due to the basic principle that it tastes shitty. Maybe they can trademark a new slogan, “Monster: Sounds better than it tastes.”


  1. Vermonster also the name of a Ben & Jerry's sundae:

  2. This is a bit late but this reminded me of the Anhauser Busch vs. Brick Brewery bit we were experiencing up here in Ontario with One of the largest beer companies in the world suing our small time Ontario Beer producers (Their studd kind of sucks but I love a good dollar beer every now and then)over the making a beer flavoured with lime which might get interfere with their Bud Light lime sales. Not exactly the same thing but semi connected?
    Anyways, I'm glad things worked out for Rock Art. Good on you Vermont folk for the support.


  3. by studd I mean Stuff...