Thursday, June 18, 2009

Postrio's Last Night

I was fortunate enough to happen to be with the right person last night and had a chance to waltz into Postrio for their last dinner service. Being a East coast transplant, I have not dined in nearly as many places as native Bay area residents, so I never had that understanding of Postrio's history beyond the fact that it was a two decade old Puck institution. In addition to that, Postrio's reputation at that time was described as antiquated, so dinner there was not something I held in high priority.

I will have to say that last night however was special and it is rare to go to a restaurant and capture a moment that is special.

Having seen the talent and excitement of 20+ chefs working in their open kitchen last night - a list that included Richard Reddington, Craig Stoll, Anne Gingrass, David Gingrass, Jordan Grosser, many others - there was a true sense of tradition and character that had otherwise gone lost in a myriad of newer more casual restaurants serving similar classic (and more progressive) cuisine.

Bittersweet as the moment was for many, Postrio's 20 year run is something I would give my right leg for. Every entity or establishment has a lineage and visible course, and Postrio, was no exception. For a good deal of time, Postrio was relevant and integral in shaping the Bay Area dining scene as it now stands - just as Rubicon, Masa's, Aqua, and others once were.

The big questions that I kept wondering about were: how do restaurants with a history and tradition like Postrio survive? Which former heavyweight is next? Should those restaurants reinvent themselves and how? How long does a restaurant stay relevant and contemporary before it begins to fade? Do restaurants suffer when they become classic?

Speaking of tradition and 20+ year old restaurants, I met and had a chance to speak briefly with chef Roland Passot of La Folie last night and I was pretty starstruck. That is a gracious and amazing chef that lets his food speak for itself. That man is The Truth (well at least in the culinary world). That moment really ranks high up there on the goosebumps meter.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Porkapalooza @ Bloodhound - Event Recap 6/17

The fun series of team 4505 Meats and Fatted Calf pork parties continued last night as Ryan and Taylor broke down a couple of pigs and bbq-ed all that good action. I, myself was working the corn dogs, bbq sliders and slicing cooked pig meat off the grill for hog tacos. This glorious night also marks the first night that I went sans Canon camera and took all the pics with my Palm Pre. I have been mucho impressed with the phone so far and the camera pics are actually pretty damn good. So I'm giving Palm a two enthusiastic thumbs up and the iPhone an enthusiastic two middle fingers up as well. As you may have realized from my pictures, I have no intentions of buying a nice camera and being a photograph expert. Raw, fast and furious action is what this dude is about.

The highlight of the night for myself was probably when I decided to ask two girls to feed each other slices of primo pork belly right off the knife. At first I couldn't figure out how they could work for the good stuff and have the unfair advantage of leaping in front of the massive crowd of animals waiting by the taco table for meat. Then I figured, "what is better than two girls feeding each other meat?" Nothing really... except... oh wait, two sets of different girls feeding each other meat. Score.

Onto the pics:

Dogs on sticks

In this corner... Ryan's butchering setup

In this corner, Taylor's butchering setup

Yea, In Your FACE action, bitches.

Someone spent 4 hours cutting this meat. He is my hero.

Josh is back on the grill action - handling wieners. He's taken, ladies.

Did you forget this site was called Hot Food Porn? Hope not.

Important rule: you should try to fry everything at least once.

"cows the size of schnauzer's, but their cattle...yippe aye yay..." sliders

Some people like corn, some people like corning,
but most people likes corn dogs.
Except for the lost souls who asked about tofu dogs, they're now in hell.

Doggie Style

Two Chicks One Pig - Part 1

Money pork belly cuts sitting right there.

Two Chicks One Pig - Part 2
This is so hot...

Yeah, bite that action.

Hot Food Porn, officially going into pork smut.

Medieval meat piling, my favorite sport.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Half Way In - Trend Check...

So we're halfway into the year practically and I was just thinking about the trends so far this year.

Here's a list I observed:

Hot Dogs/Sausages
All types of tacos except Mexican ones
Slow food in trucks
Even slower food in carts
High-Low fare in restaurants
Ridiculous ice cream flavors
Shutting down restaurants
Five Dollar Footlongs
Mini Burgers/Sliders
Awesome Mini Burger commercials

While there maybe great things within the creation of these items and some good things on this list, it mostly blows. Anyone want to bring back tuna tartar? Excuse my while I curb my enthusiasm for what may be coming the rest of the year.