Monday, December 21, 2009

Do You Love Something Enough To See It Burn?

image A friend of mine alerted me yesterday to a NY Times article regarding the Buzzwords of 2009 – one of which happened to list the word: Aporkalypse.  I wasn’t so sure of exactly what he specifically meant by the term at the time, but the sound of Aporkalypse intrigued me a little.

Take a second and turn on your stereo.  Load “Where Is My Mind?” by the Pixies and absorb yourself in a clear stream of thought.  What would happen if there was a direct correlation between conventionally produced pork meat and a widespread disease/flu breakout?  What would happen if something like Aporkalypse became a reality?  What if we had to destroy the majority of the pig population in attempt to limit a spread of influenza?

I’m not much of an anarchist, but given that the scenario takes place, wouldn’t it be nice to get a shot to start with a clean slate?  Wouldn’t we get a chance to redevelop and properly breed classic heritages instead of massively over produced hybrid pigs of some kind?  Wouldn’t we be forced into sustainability out of fear of another massive outbreak?     Wouldn’t the realities of an Aporkalypse serve as the shining example and resounding alarm for true food reform?  Could true reform happen without making the smoking gun absolutely obvious?


Aren’t you curious?


Maybe just a little?