Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Greetings from The East Coast

Hi everyone, sorry I’ve been on vacation hiatus from writing and I am currently running around in NY.  Here are a few rumblings and mumblings from my trip here:

-I missed and enjoy the cold.  No, seriously.  It’s in my blood.

-“People on the streets…dadadeedadee… people on the streets.”

-I have now eaten pizza 3 times in the last 2 weeks.  Not really shocking unless you take in account that I ate pizza 3 times in 3 months prior to flying out here.

-I couldn’t goat the guy from Sam Adams Brewery to serve me some damn Utopia.  He had charisma, but that does nothing for you when you don’t give it up.  That’s a lesson for the kiddies.

Here are some pics from the brewery:

 IMG_3160 IMG_3164 IMG_3167 IMG_3170 IMG_3175 IMG_3180 IMG_3186 IMG_3187 IMG_3193 IMG_3196 IMG_3199 IMG_3200 IMG_3201 IMG_3205 IMG_3211  IMG_3221 IMG_3223

-No, we did not feed my niece any Sam Adams Boston Lager.  It was only IBC Root Beer.

-My niece Sophie is in the running for Cutest Baby Ever, but she doesn’t know.  Thank goodness.  My other niece, Madeleine, always knew.  You’re shit outta luck when babies know how cute they are.

-Today, I went to Eleven Madison for lunch.  It was exquisite and elegantly understated.

-Ramen Setagaya is still the king.

-“What I want, you’ve got that might be hard to handle.  Like a flame that burns a candle. ”

-I am a true believer that when you travel and plan all trips around good places to eat, you will inevitably have a successful and great trip. 

-Shake.  Shack. 

-No one in NY has put their stamp on becoming a signature coffee roaster of the city.  Blue Bottle in SF, Murky in DC, Stumptown in Portland, Intelligensia of Chicago/LA…what’s going on NY?

-NY is all of a sudden pooling up with an overabundance of underwhelming and overrated American-Mediterranean cuisine.  Please, cease and desist.

-I have not eaten a cupcake yet since getting here and I have no inclination or urge to.

-I can’t get into the Tim Burton exhibit at the NY MOMA.  Planning FAIL.

-Getting into PDT is annoyingly difficult, but what I don’t ultimately understand is why I can’t get easily get a good cocktail when I spend $12-$14 on one.  I miss drinking in San Francisco.

-I’d have to be all types of stupid to pay $7 for Hamachi Nigiri.  That is a “pass” on sushi in NY.

-Another thing that I “pass” on, designer Banh Mi.  I’m not sure I ever want to pay more than $4 for traditional Banh Mi.  It’s especially stupid considering I’ve had great classic Banh Mi in DC for less than $2.50.

-Still haven’t seen much offal or game in many restaurants – forget about trying to find out what farm it’s from.

-Bob Dylan’s Christmas collaboration with Los Lobos is a travesty of music.

-Few more days in NY, everything  seems to be building up for a big hurrah!

-Don’t forget the most important thing on New Year’s is a breath mint.  Don’t be that guy.

-Try to kiss and hug like you mean it: own it.

-I’m not making any resolutions, but hopefully I can genuinely try to continue to be fair, honest and good to as many people as I possibly can.  I hope everyone has a Happy New Year.